What Treatments Are Available for My Eyes?

Dr. Tedford will discuss the results of your eye examination with you. If your eyes are healthy, you may only need eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct your vision.

Some eye diseases are treated with medication, such as eyedrops or pills. Other diseases may require laser surgery or other surgical procedures.

Dr. Tedford can provide you with the treatment you need, or, in some cases, may refer you to a subspecialist.

Some eye conditions cannot be cured. Nevertheless, Dr. Tedford can offer counseling and support while monitoring your condition.

Good medical care is based on a cooperative relationship between you and your doctor. You should trust Dr. Tedford to give you accurate information about your eye problem and tell you about the risks and benefits of treatment options. You should also trust Dr. Tedford to keep your personal information confidential, and to provide care with courtesy and respect. Your role in this cooperative relationship is to ask Dr. Tedford questions about your problem and treatment options, and tell him about any other health factors that may affect your condition.

Loss of sight may be prevented! Many eye diseases do not cause symptoms for months or years. Therefore, regular visits to Dr. Tedford should be as important as regular visits to your family physician. In many cases, early treatment of glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, crossed eyes and some forms of macular degeneration can prevent loss of sight and even blindness.

Together, you and Dr. Tedford can work toward the goal of protecting your sight through early diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions.

Why Dr. Tedford?

· Friendly and compassionate staff
· Professional atmosphere
· Large private examining rooms
· Disability access

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